Naffco Cafs

Types of CAFS:
>>NFACF 300

Compressed Air Foam System in collaboration with MicroCAFS – Germany,
BAFFESCO CAFS a general Fire Fighting system for all type of Fire, saving resources, reducing damage and offering a lot of benefits for the user. CAFS Core Substitute System the future for effective Fire Fighting.

Engineered and developed with the background of practical experience the focus was laid on the overall functionality including easy handling and reliable quality of foam. Two different type of foam – wet and dry, easily to be changed during operation. Extremely long duration. Excellent extinguishing capability when in use for highly flammable material,i.e., burning plastics, rubber and lubricants.

Benefits of Compressed Air Foam System:
* Special high energy foam, which has 20 times effective wetting
* Ability than plain water.
* Long discharge range than conventional foams.
* Good adhesion to vertical surfaces.
* Good adhesion to horizontal and inclined surfaces to isolate and insulate the Fire source.
* Reduces heat radiation and propagation that in turn prevents
* Fire spread to near by areas.
* Super cools the environment providing a well protected area.
* Highest volume of foam possible.
* Reduces property damage with dry foam.
* Suitable to isolate HAZMAT ( Hazardous Material) spills and leakages.