Company Profile

Bangladesh Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment Co. (BAFFESCO) Ltd. is a part of a large group and is a specialist of fire fighting and other security and safety products.

BAFFESCO was incorporated with a keen desire to provide the total support package and most comprehensive and reliable fire protection services to protect lives and properties.

Since its founding, BAFFESCO in collaboration with NAFFCO, Dubai, UAE has continued to foresee the need to provide total fire protection solutions. Having a state of the art and most modern manufacturing unit in Jebel Ali (Free Zone) Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and supported by a large number of qualified engineers and professionals, BAFFESCO is in a position to provide fire protection solution engineered in a most cost-effective way. Our position as market leader was built on our total dedication and pride in jobs well done and foreseeing the needs of the industry.

To maintain our edge, we provide the most component and integrated network of engineers, professionals, skills, resources, products and services needed to lead the fight against fire in any environment. in course of time, we continue to create constantly and innovatively to achieve product excellence that maximizes the fire-fighting and safety effectiveness. We continue developing more and more breakthroughs to dominate the local fire industry.

Through our years of determination and unparalleled dedication to superior products and customer satisfaction, BAFFESCO has grown to become the industry’s leading distributor, today!

BAFFESCO’s system engineering division dedicated the experience and reliability in designing, supplying, installing and supervising of superior fire fighting systems and equipment.

Our ability to back it up with comprehensive training, efficient maintenance and through systems know-how has greatly reduced fire risks among our valued clients. The handling of tenders, full documentation and technical back up services are left to the competent professionals of our project management team.

BAFFESCO/NAFFCO has helped countless national and international clients effectively to prevent dangerous and costly fires. These include households, offices, high-rise buildings, complexes, factories, aircraft hangers, power generation plants, ports, stadiums and other huge installations. Expanding market success has rapidly led to a global orientation of the company.

This wide spread acceptance and expanding list of clients are the proof that BAFFESCO continues to dominate the market and remain a leading choice in fire prevention and protection.
Established in February 2002 and started its business with a promising goal to fulfill and satisfy the ultimate need of customers in the Fire Fighting, Security and Safety arena of Bangladesh.

BAFFESCO’s major services are:
 All types & sizes of fire extinguishers (portable & mobile, low
Pressure & high pressure):
(a) Dry powder (ABC & E),
(b) CO2,
(c) Foam,
(d) Water,
(e) Halotron
(f) Auto Extinguisher

Fire detection, Protection, safety and security System
 Fire hose reels and cabinets
 Fire hydrant (all types)
 Fire fighting pump set (all types & sizes)
 Booster pump sets
 Dry & wet riser equipment
 All types of valves
 Sprinkler system
 Fire alarm system (Analogue Addressable & Conventional)
 Emergency lighting system
 Fire detection systems
 Foam system
 FM 200 fire suppression system (Halon 1301 alternative)
 Automatic Gas Flooding System
 CO2 Extinguishing system
 Wet chemical kitchen hood system
 Auto extinguishing system
 Fire blanket & safety equipment
 Fire vehicles, trucks, trailers & rescue vans
 Breathing apparatus, fire proximity & entry suits
 Fire, water & irrigation hoses
 Fire hose synthetic 1.5” & 2.5”
 All types of filling machines for CO2, dry powder and clean agent
 CCTV System
 Access Control System